Before joining the Skyway is a recognized Orthopedis-Bandagist since 1995. He has a lot of medical experience in Belgium and Netherland. He is well experienced in shaver blades for operation room and orthopedic shockwave therapy. Dr. Kristiaan has always said “Sales has always been in my genes, for many years I have given myself extra training and trained as a sales coach, as well as technology skill”. He is Specialist in The Study of (law of attraction) and this brought him into transport system which has always been his goals. This interest also brought him to Skyway in 2016. And this has been his new path of career since then. With his visit to Nigeria, Dr. Van Den Vyver, seeing the traffic congestion on Nigeria roads, especially Lagos, he saw the need to solve the problem of commuting and also tap into the potentials in the transport industry. He established this technology as the Skyway Ambassador and is the president of Skyworld Community Innovation Transport Africa Limited.


Barr Emmanuel Uchenna


Is a legal practitioner from the University of Lagos and has 17 years of Legal experience with emphasis on commercial and Corporate Law Practice. He is an accomplished farmer. His meeting with Dr. Kristiaan Van Den Vyver in Nigeria led to his interest in the Skyworld community transport technology. Their relationship ignited Bar. Uche’s long standing desire for movement of people and things to places. It also enhanced his interest in creating this new generation of transport system in Nigeria. He is the Vice president of Skyworld Community Innovation Africa.

Barr Emmanuel Uchenna


Is a graduate of Chemical and Food Technologies from Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, He is skilled in environmental Systems, trained in Financial management (CU, Bratislav customers Management and quality assurance (CU, Bratislava) and quality management. He engineers the Plant innovative and financing management of Skyway project. He is using his experience in organizational structure to improve the modern needs of transport to people of different nations. He has deep knowledge in managing people whom he has worked with across the world. He is one of the founding members and Executive Directors of Skyworld Community Innovation Africa (SCITA)

Dr Maslov Vladmir


Was born on August 13, 1947. He studied Power Engineering at Sillamäe Power Engineering College, and later graduated as a Technician at Tallin Polytechnic Institute, He also studied electronics engineering at Leningrad. And Later, graduated at Fineconomic Voznesensky Institute, with (PhD) Doctor of Science in Economics from Higher School of Economics at the University of Turku (Finland). He is a consultant in economics and management. He has participated in various governments’ projects, Supervised the creation and development of over 40 small enterprises in the USSR. He is an author and leader of the project for the rehabilitation and restructuring of industrial enterprises which manifested in the Dvigatel plant taking well over 6,000 employees in Tallinn; and other well established enterprises in the areas of his study. He is a founding member of the Estonian Consultants Association, founder of the Estonian Aikido Union. He is an Executive Director of Skyworld Community Innovation Transport Africa

hON Arogundade Samsondeen


Has Bachelor of Science in Valuation & Real Estate, MBA in Business Administration & Management.He is a Finance Executive with 13 years exp-erience . He is A Professional in crypto related activities like (Trading, Fore-casting, Crowd funding for ICO’s / ITO’s, Traders Manager, Mentorships, Crypto Coach, Fund Manager, Crypto Analyst, Blockchain Expert. He specializes in Forex . pairs, Option, Commodity trading, & Blockchain cryptography algorithm. He is a wellknown and a respected blockchain savvy who in many years has spread his tentacles of experience in Blockchain Smart-Contract ideology across African region. He is major promoter of Skyway innovations all over Africa since Feb 2014 and Pioneer of the First Cold Market Office for the Skyway String Transport Technology in the World, situated in Lagos, Nigeria. He is the First Investor from Africa for Skyway String Transport Technologies.

Pst Eneh Udoh


Is a graduate of Business Administration, a member of Nigerian Institute of Industrial Security (NIIS), and also a Member of Institute of Management Consultant. He is a dynamic and motivated professional with a proven record of generating and building business relationships, designing and managing projects. He is a Leader with specialty in developing opportunities that manifest in achievement of organization’s goals. He is an International Trainer, State Commandant, Corps Command of Nigerian legion, Akwa-Ibom State command. His passion in building blockchain businesses brought him into partnership with Skyworld Community Innovation Transport Africa Limited (SCITA). He is an Expert and Regional Curator for Sky World Community project