SCITA is a crowd-funding platform through which one can invest in the development of the Skyway Innovative Transport system. The Mother Company, Global Transport Investments (GTI) owns the Skyway’s intellectual property worth of 400867 433000$ on the basis of which, they were issued the company’s shares. GTI is the cooperate entity founded in the British Virgin Islands to create a favorable and attractive conditions for investors. And for 5 Years we have been attracting investments in over 400,000 Skyway investors helping in the development of the project. Over 200 countries are already participants in the project. Opportunity is open for investors to enter the project. And become co-owners of the unique technology and participate in the innovative transport project of Anatoliy Yunisky.


Yunitskiy Anatoliy Eduardovich, the Author and General Designer of Yunitskiy String Technologies. He is the Leader of two United Nations projects. He is a member of the Cosmonautics Federation of the USSR. He is the Author of more than 150 invention and more than 20 monographs and more than 200 scientific works. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Designer of the “String Technologies” being tested at the Eco Techno Park, Minsk, the Republic of Belarus and the SkyWay International Group of Companies.


In SCITA Community, one has opportunity to purchase units of shares to become a member of the intellectual property of Anatoliy Yunitskiy Technology held by GTI. A certificate of membership is issued after verification and documentation for one to qualify to be a financial investor in the technology. Keeping with the objectives of Skyworld Community Innovation Africa Limited, (SCITA) which is saddled with the responsibility of raising funds for the project in Africa, particularly the Skyworld Project in Nigeria. The Skyworld Community Innovation Africa Limited (SCITA) Oversees the String Technology Projects in Nigeria and Africa.

The Technology

Skyway is a New Era in the Transport Industry. It is a string transport that combines proven technologies with innovative solutions to create a complete new approach to the transportation of passengers and cargo. The Technology Advantages of Skyway cardinally surpasses the existing modes of transport in key indicators.



The track structure is above the ground which increases safety more than other system of transportation. The anti-derailment system enhances the safety much more. The automated control system eliminates human factors errors .


Environmental friendliness

The Skyway technology runs on electricity, and therefore, significantly eliminates to a great degree the harmful greenhouse gas emissions thereby maintaining the environmental friendliness.
• The technology is elevated above the earth to transverse through the bush, waters, mountains and
therefore preserves the nature with no need for demolition of ecological tree to affect the atmosphere or deplete the structures of the environment.
• The Skyway technology infrastructure requires much less materials and raw materials than any other transportation.
• In fact, the Skyway technology can be built in any terrain, in any climate, while consciously preserving the natural environment.



Essentially, the technology is built on electricity and can be battery operated. Holding that however, it can produce its own energy to drive it up to about 200 kilo-meters. And also has the capability to run on gas (Fuel) in countries with non-steady electricity.
2. Whereas it can still run up to 200 kilometres in case of loss of power, research is ongoing for the technology to be able to produce its own energy. This energy generated is envisaged that in its excess, it can be supplied to host communities or nation’s power grid.
3. The fuel/Energy consumption for the skyway technology is lesser than the energy consumption required for other transport technologies. This therefore makes the fare much lower and preserves the road hence it’s elevated to run on its path in the air.
4. Other costs are up to 6 times lower than fuel costs of other types of transport, respectively, the cost of travel and transportation is much lower.


Travel Speed

Skyway high-speed transport speed is up to 500 km/h: this is twice faster than the fastest train. The Skyway urban transport reaches speed of 150 km/h: and this is twice as fast as buses.
•The Skyway cargo transport reaches the speed of up to 150 km/h.

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Our Mission

To bring innovation, new technology, safety
and speed in the global transport industry
through creativity and commitment

Our Vision

To revolutionize the transport System
through Technological Innovation.